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Welcome to Mount Pleasant, a Village in the City.

About the Mount Pleasant Main Street Program 

The District Bridges Mount Pleasant Main Street program serves the businesses, organizations, and individuals who live, work and play in Mount Pleasant. Our Main Street program provides direct technical assistance to local businesses to help them thrive and plans local events and promotions that draw people to the neighborhood, create volunteer opportunities, and connect stakeholders.

Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Strategy Council

To ensure the needs and values of the neighborhood are represented, we’ve developed a Mount Pleasant Neighborhood Strategy Council made up of local business owners, residents, and community leaders. The Strategy Council advocates on behalf of neighborhood priorities for community-based economic development and seeks to enrich neighborhood vitality through supporting local businesses and engaging the community.

We invite any individuals who are interested in learning more about how they can be involved with the work of District Bridges in Mount Pleasant or sharing their ideas or thoughts about the retail mix in Mount Pleasant to email our community forum at info@districtbridges.org. You can also visit the group at: 

Explore Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a quiet, tree lined neighborhood nestled alongside Rock Creek Park and the National Zoological Park, about three kilometers North of the city center. One of Washington's first streetcar suburbs, Mount Pleasant was developed from a small 19th century village just outside the old city. Most of the homes, apartments, and storefronts were built in the early 20th century and the neighborhood has preserved that historic flavor.  Today the neighborhood is an exciting but cohesive urban area that is home to a wide range of people from all walks of life and from many different parts of the world. It's four block long shopping area is a model for small, independent merchants. Many neighborhood based organizations are working together to preserve the historic, economic, and social diversity that make Mount Pleasant a great place to live.



(Ingleside today.)

Mt P History1

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January 1850

Civil War in DC

(Photos show Mount Pleasant Hospital during the Civil War.)

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April 1861

What's in a Name?

(Walbridge Mansion, in Mount Pleasant, late 1800s.)

Mt P History4

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January 1862

National Parks

(Visitors to Rock Creek Park in 1891, and National Zoological Park in 1903.)

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January 1889

Village in the City

Congress passed a law...

Mt P History7

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August 1888


(Pictures show streetcars on Mount Pleasant Street in the early 1900s.)

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January 1903

The Kenesaw

The Kenesaw...

Mt P History10

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April 1905

Mount Pleasant Library

Mount Pleasant Library opened...

Mt P History11

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May 1925

Racially Restrictive Covenants

(The house purchased by Dr. Robert Deane today.)

Mt P History12

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January 1950

Housing Shortage

A housing shortage...

Mt P History 22

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The First Bodega

(Casa Diloné around 1991.)

Mt P History13

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January 1963

Race Riots

(In the first picture, a soldier examines the aftermath of the 1968 race riots in Mount Pleasant, while in the second picture, a woman and child play at the Rosemount Center in Mount Pleasant, 1973.)

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April 1968

More Racial Tensions

While the race riots...

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April 1991

Majority-Minority Neighborhood

(In the first picture, community leaders link arms and march down Mt. Pleasant St. NW. The second picture shows a “Voter=Power” placard held by an activist during the fifth anniversary march commemorating the Mt. Pleasant 1991 riots.)

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January 1992



Mt P History 22

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August 2017

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