Our history

Welcome to Mount Pleasant, a village in the city.

About the Mount Pleasant Initiative 

The Mount Pleasant Initiative is a program of District Bridges that serves the businesses, organizations, and individuals who live, work and play in Mount Pleasant. The initiative plans local events and promotions that draw people to the neighborhood, creates volunteer opportunities, and connects stakeholders in the community. Additionally, the program provides business technical assistance to local businesses to help them thrive.

Explore Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a quiet, tree lined neighborhood nestled alongside Rock Creek Park and the National Zoological Park, about three kilometers North of the city center. One of Washington's first streetcar suburbs, Mount Pleasant was developed from a small 19th century village just outside the old city. Most of the homes, apartments, and storefronts were built in the early 20th century and the neighborhood has preserved that historic flavor.  Today the neighborhood is an exciting but cohesive urban area that is home to a wide range of people from all walks of life and from many different parts of the world. It's four block long shopping area is a model for small, independent merchants. Many neighborhood based organizations are working together to preserve the historic, economic, and social diversity that make Mount Pleasant a great place to live.