Kirsten Denney grew up in Chevy Chase, Maryland but has lived in a multitude of American cities ranging from extremely large (Los Angeles) to small (Norwalk, Connecticut). Her professional path has been as interesting as the cities she has lived in, from waiting tables to working on a presidential campaign to opening an IT office. After the election, she spent six months in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico working on an IT contract. When she came back to the United States, she continued working in the IT field, and, ultimately, her love for DC and the surrounding areas brought her back to her hometown.

Kirsten officially ended her career in IT about the time covid hit and, at that point, a friend suggested she open a franchise. She was extremely impressed with The Exercise Coach company and the service it provides, and began scouring the city for locations. She decided to make Cleveland Park her professional home because it was the perfect fit. She felt very fortunate to find such a physically beautiful space above Uptown Cleaners and next to Spices; however, it was the sense of Cleveland Park identity that really drew her to the neighborhood. Kirsten loves the diversity of cool small businesses in the corridor, that some have been in operation for several decades, and the community that they draw. 

What she and her coaches have loved most about Cleveland Park, however, has been “just how nice” and dedicated their clients are.  The clients come from all sorts of backgrounds and are all ages, from young and pregnant to “golden years” and retired. They’ve left glowing reviews, brought in treats and flowers for the coaches and return often for their quick and efficient twenty-minute workouts. The clients and the community are what make working in the studio and being in Cleveland Park so much fun. 

In her spare time, Kirsten likes to play pickleball and climb, volunteer and paint “found” objects, one of which was the subject of an evening show at the Merritt Gallery in Friendship Heights. She hopes to participate in Art All Night this Fall at The Exercise Coach, combining her passion for art and exercise under one roof. 

Kirsten and all of the coaches at The Exercise Coach have accomplished so much in just the first year of having opened in Cleveland Park. It will be exciting to watch them grow.

The Exercise Coach 

3333 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 105

Washington DC 20008 

(202) 792-2886