Logan Circle Main Street is committed to supporting a thriving small business community. We are pleased to share the recipients of the Small Business Grants along our corridor. These businesses represent the diversity of the neighborhoods we serve. We are proud to offer these grants to help small businesses address the most pressing issues and critical needs they face.

Arts in Color (1843 14th St NW) received $2000 and their proposed project is to create an artist in residence program to be able to host an art exhibition inside the art gallery.

Black Whiskey (1410 14th St NW) received $2000 for general maintenance to include roof repairs and interior upkeep and installation of security cameras. 

Commissary (1443 P St NW), received $2000 for operations costs and propane reimbursement. 

Crossfit MPH (1457 Church St NW) received $2000 for bathroom improvements and a financial planner. 

Current Boutique (1318 14th Street NW) received $2000 for security upgrades. 

Estadio (1520 14th Street NW) received $2000 for exterior sign restoration, and building decking and semi-enclosed structure for the 14th Street parklet.

Flow Yoga (1450 P St NW) received $2000 to partner with Milk to host outdoor yoga classes and rent a tent. 

Fuse Pilates (1401 14th Street NW) received $2000 to work with Studio Grow, a consulting and marketing group that specializes in boutique fitness studios. 

Mobile 2 Mobile (1451 P St NW) received $2000 for vinyl clings for their windows, a new sidewalk sign, and a new banner. 

Red Light (1401 R St NW) received $2000 to repair and renovate their bar and the area around the bar. And they will improve their attractive and popular patio.

Rice Restaurant (1608 14th St NW) received $2000 to refresh their restaurant including paint touch ups, gate removal, and new signage. 

Salt & Sundry (1625 14th St NW) received $2000 to create a general aesthetic refresh by replacing several fixtures in the shop.

Slipstream (1333 14th Street NW) received $2000 for repainting inside the shop to help the space feel clean and ready to grow back to normal. They will also install a new garbage disposal system. 

Trade (1410 14th St NW) received $2000 for streatery improvements. 

Transformer (1404 P St NW) received $2000 to build a new artist-designed custom-built set of flat file drawers to house our international artist Flatfile collection. Transformer’s Flatfile is a growing and ever-changing collection of 500+ works by 40+ artists.

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