Small Business Grant Programs

Grants & Programs

Storefront Improvement Grants

District Bridges will work with business owners on improving the look of their business and storefronts by providing Storefront Improvement Grants. These grants can be used toward expenses associated with the appearance of businesses such as the removal of bars from the windows, the replacement of business signs or awnings, the addition of fresh paint to the front of their building, the addition of flower boxes to the entrance, etc.

District Bridges will pay 70% up to $5,000 of the expenses associated with storefront improvements, and businesses and business owners agree to pay the remaining balance(s).

Professional Business Assistance

As part of our economic development, District Bridges provides small business technical assistance to small local businesses in our corridors to help them succeed. The type of technical assistance we offer really depends on the needs of each business. Because no two businesses are alike, the needs of each will be unique as they are. Our technical assistance includes professional services such as accounting, legal, marketing, great streets help, and much more.

District Bridges will pay 70% up to $2,000 of the expenses associated with business assistance. Businesses and business owners agree to pay the remaining balance(s).

Get Your Business Online

In today’s world, having a functional, attractive website is critical. Customers are much more likely to connect and engage with a business or even just find out about a business’ existence through their website. We understand though, that being a business owner is hard and time consuming and sometimes the last thing on your mind is designing a website. We are here to help, through our Get Your Business Online program, we will provide businesses with a web domain and work on the development of the website up to $2,000.

District Bridges will also get businesses who participate in the Get Your Business Online program Google verified and offer them SEO help.

Entrepreneur Programs and Start Up Grants

Are you an entrepreneur or do you have a start up business and live in one of our neighborhoods? We would love to connect with you! We have different programs that work with entrepreneurs and startups. 

  • IGNITE Your Business Cohorts
  • One on One Coaching/Mentor pairing
  • Location Search

Corner Store Conversion

Are you a corner store owner in one of our neighborhoods? Our Corner Store Conversion program will bring in a consultant to meet with you and go through your inventory and help you focus on what will allow you to best succeed.

  • Inventory consultant
  • Retail trip
  • Can be combined with SIG grant 70% up to $5,000


For businesses to be eligible to apply to our grants and programs, they must meet ALL of the requirements highlighted below. If you have any specific questions, please email us at


  • Must complete the business health check
  • Provide their executed lease with at least 24 months remaining on the lease
  • Understand that all grants are reimbursable
  • Must agree to participate in before and after photos taken by a District Bridges representative
  • Understand that work must be completed by the end of the fiscal year to receive reimbursement
  • Must have a current, up to date Clean Hands certificate