Brianne moved to Washington, D.C. in 2009 by way of Kentucky and about 10 other places along the way. She moved to DC with a passion for collaboration and a dream to start a nonprofit focused on “saving the world”. Prior to moving to DC, nowhere she had lived had really felt like home, until DC, and more specifically until Columbia Heights.

After a couple years of establishing herself in DC, she took the plunge and founded Collaborate to Impact (CTI), a nonprofit organization focused on collective action in 2011. Through Collaborate to Impact, Brianne was able to work with over 40 nonprofit organizations on development, fundraising, and multi-sector relationship building to spur on social innovation around issues of poverty, justice, health, education, and economic empowerment.

Brianne Dornbush

After four years of CTI, Brianne took a brief hiatus from the nonprofit world (kind of) and ventured into the private sector consulting world, where she worked with nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies, to create strategic and development plans, social media strategies, and cross-sector collaborations impacting social justice and education.

In 2015, Brianne was given the chance to take the Columbia Heights Initiative full-time and develop it into a sustainable organization for the future. In this new role, she bringings together her passions for collaboration, community development, and relationships. The Columbia Heights Initiative has a ten year legacy of bringing the neighborhood together through Columbia Heights Day. But now under Brianne’s leadership, the organization is ready to grow and innovate to bring more programming and resources to the community to help our neighborhood and all its residents thrive.

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